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Dr. Jen Mott

“Jen is always so positive and motivating. I love that she likes to teach by making it fun and inviting for her audience. She always seems to have a smile on her face which makes me smile. Also, she always tries to include more people in the fun. All of the staff enjoyed her presentation for the opening day kick off. I think that she would be an asset to any organization especially by building morale.”

Dawn McCorkle, Mason Middle School, Prevention and Wellness Designer.

Jen Mott entertaining educator

For Staff


Volunteer staff juggling
    • Teambuilding
    • Creative thinking
    • Teacher Perseverance (the topic of Dr. Mott’s dissertation research)
      • 4 components of teachers who persevere
      • How administrators can support teachers and retain staff through difficult times
    • Merging staff passion & careers
    • Motivational speaking
    • Empathy for Learners → Workshops with teaching components (teachers can learn juggling and/or balloon animals while being reminded of the feeling of learning something new – “The Learning Pit” and how to empathize with our students)
      • Staff can even learn to play with fire!
    • Key takeaways:
      • Perseverance, tapping into our full potential, building into ourselves and our students, we can do hard things, being the best version of ourselves
Glow juggling

For Students


    • PBIS Presentations
    • Creative rewards
    • Encouraging students to try new things
    • Teambuilding
    • Workshops with teaching components (students can learn juggling and/or balloon animals!)
    • Key takeaways:

Persistence, hard work, resilience, creativity, creating a life for ourselves

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