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The Educational community says…

“You want Jen Mott to speak to your organization  about how to show up, take the risks and overcome. It’s about getting yourself out there. Jen is a amazing entertainer and speaker and brings her message of hope, understanding, creativity and potential together in one place. It’s a dynamic package.”

Patti Talbot

Forest Hills High School: What the Students Say

Students Say…“I liked how you…” 
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I have over 90 guest presenters as part of Jim Place Services Graduate Classes. Jen is one of our very best presenters. Her message is very clear and meaningful. What makes her so special is her HUGE personality, warmth and humor.”


Speaking Engagements

Dawn McCorkle, Mason Middle School, Prevention and Wellness Designer.

Jen is always so positive and motivating. I love that she likes to teach by making it fun and inviting for her audience. She always seems to have a smile on her face which makes me smile. Also, she always tries to include more people in the fun. All of the staff enjoyed her presentation for the opening day kick off. I think that she would be an asset to any organization especially by building morale.

Kevin Dunn
Williamsburg Elementary School

Dr. Mott was exceptional in her performances at our school. Being an educator, she understands how to communicate with students and how to engage her audience. She seamlessly integrated our theme into her performance and message and adapted to two different audiences; one being with primary grades students and the other with our intermediate grades students.

Dr. Mott was detailed in her preparation, which included meeting with our team prior via Google Meet. She arrived early and interacted with students both before and after the assemblies.

Dr. Mott is someone I’ll stay in contact with and I’m sure we will have her join us again in the future.

Malinda McReynolds, 6th – 12th Grade Assistant Principal, Princeton City School District

You’re incredibly amazing! I do not make that statement lightly. During our session in “Women in Leadership” with HCESC, as we learned to make balloon animals, mine kept popping each time I would twist and turn it. Although I do not recall the TEDTalk that you shared in that moment, but your voice, demeanor and willingness to encourage people to move beyond being afraid to fail was remarkable! I walked away feeling accomplished after I successfully designed an elephant and a butterfly with multiple attempts. The way you also inspired us educators to encourage each other in the process was a memorable experience, too. It was such a great day that in my new role in the Princeton City School District we have what’s called, “Viking University” where our faculty provides professional development for each other based upon the needs and interest of the community. I KNEW that we had to have you join us, and you did! I heard rave reviews afterwards!

Tina Cole, school counselor at Three Rivers Elementary School. Cleves, Ohio

After the assembly, I remember the students saying, “ How does she do all those tricks?” My answer was “lots of practice.” Any kid, any adult and any age person will enjoy this performance.

Speaking Engagements

Nancy Bortle, Executive Secretary to Dr. Mari Phillips, Assoc. Supt. & Tonya West Wright, Asst. Supt for Curriculum and Instruction, and organizer of Viking University annual professional development at Princeton City School District, Cincinnati, OH

Every year our public school district holds an all staff professional development day. Dr. Jen Mott has joined us for the past two years to speak on the teachers’ potential to bring their best selves to inspire and motivate their students. Here are some of the comments left by our teachers regarding Dr. Mott’s presentation on Feb. 16, 2023:
“I really enjoyed the presenter’s energy and insight. Her story was interesting and it was fun to see how she tied in her gifts and talents with teaching and education. It was a lot of fun and gave me something to think about!”
“”Dr. Mott is a great speaker and she my hero for taking on being a Principal of a Middle school, an Athletic Director of a Middle school, and is a full time juggler.
She says you can still be great at everything you set your mind out to do in life even though life is a juggling act.”
“Entertaining and valuable”
“The information provided by Dr. Mott gave you a new perspective on handling situations within your life.”

Patricia A. Talbot, Ed.D. CEO and Founder of Blue Roads Education Group

Jen Mott was a recent guest on my podcast “On Your Own Terms.” This educator’s energy and passion for learning are contagious! She brings JOY to every conversation and uses the magic of her special talents as a performer to demonstrate the potential to shine in all of us. It’s a timely and important message for students of all ages and educators, of course, but there is great applicability for any organization wanting to bring out the highest aspirations and “can do” attitude in their people. Jen Mott’s presentations are electric and great FUN, but also teach essential lessons about human potential in a wise, accessible and enjoyable way.

Jim Place

I have over 90 guest presenters as part of Jim Place Services Graduate Classes. Jen is one of our very best presenters. Her message is very clear and meaningful. What makes her so special is her HUGE personality, warmth and humor

Dr. Traci Rea, Principal West Clermont Middle School

I have had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Mott perform both for Sycamore Junior High’s student body and in a more informal setting at SheVentures. On both occasions, her ability to engage with spectators and deliver valuable life lessons was awesome. There is always some suspense involved in the show and the performance always leaves a happy crowd! The experience would tap into any corporate setting, educational setting, or informal gathering. I continue to be amazed!

Jenny Baker, Founder and CEO, SheVentures

Jen is one of the most captivating speakers we’ve ever had at SheVentures…and she’s always the crowd favorite! She masterfully weaves stories with inspiration and education and does so with the most invitational and inclusive approach. Our campers remember how she made them laugh AND helped them connect their head and their heart to dream their own BIG dreams. Jen is truly a speaker every group should be inviting to the table. Lectures are out, circus performing teachers are in, and your team will thank you afterwards.

Kyle Chandler, Principal, Xavier Jesuit Academy (Cincinnati)

The entire process of working with Dr. Mott was seamless. From the original meeting to discuss our needs and expectations, to the actual day of the performance, Dr. Mott was engaged and on-target. I sincerely appreciated her willingness to remain fluid as the themes and plans for our conference continued to evolve as the final date approached.

Her performance included a significant amount of participation on the part of the audience, which was fantastic. In addition to the entertainment, Dr. Mott’s personal story and knowledge of sound educational/supervision pedagogy made for a well-balanced experience. that kept an audience of school principals and presidents engaged.

Jen LaMaster, Association Provincial Assistant for Pre-Secondary & Secondary Education, Midwest Jesuits

Our audience was leadership in Jesuit, Catholic pre-secondary and secondary schools. I was impressed by the value of the educational leadership content, wrapped in an entertaining delivery. Not only were we challenged intellectually and professionally, but we were laughing together at the truth being laid down admin to admin!

Major takeaway – throughout the rest of our time together, we referred to the juggling act of our roles. The physical engagement really helped us give voice to our internal feelings. It is hard to find leadership-focused entertainment that engages professionally and social-emotionally. Jen Mott knows the admin role and can speak to the lights and shadows on the role – without speaking down listeners or taking cheap shots at those we serve.

I mean, where else are you going to find a Ph.D. research expert who is an experienced K-12 educator AND professional juggler!!

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