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What about the teachers who stay? 

Teachers are leaving! 

There is a teacher shortage! 

…and still…

Every year we celebrate the careers of veteran teachers who are retiring after thirty or more rewarding years of serving students and staff in their communities and local school districts. 

What about them? What about the teachers who stay? 
What if we asked these veteran teachers about their perseverance? What kept them going? What helped them overcome the challenges of changing societal pressures for – and perceptions of – teachers? 

Turns out, there are four themes that best capture their perseverance in such a way where educators still in the trenches can learn from them and try to focus their efforts to sustain a challenging career. The best part? There are universal takeaways for anyone losing hope in the current, volatile job market.  

In this book, readers will…

  • Learn how Higher Calling, Community, the Only Option and Contextual Joy can help you – and others – persevere through the challenges of teaching. 
  • Read narratives and personal stories of veteran teachers who have stayed to inspire hope in the ones who are still serving classrooms and schools daily.
  • Experience journal-like prompts to help connect personally with the content and to do the real heart work needed to encourage the educators we need to stay by reminding them how much they – and the work they do – matter. 


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Why Teaching?

A Picture Book Companion to Teacherverance

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What happens when a kid wants to be a teacher yet everyone is encouraging them to choose a different path?

When our kid narrator gets asked “Why teaching?,” they answer with stories they have heard of the impact teachers have had on the adults in their life and share how they recognize teachers have a strong influence on all professions. They explain they hope to have a similar positive, inspiring impact and influence on future generations to come. That is why they want to be a teacher.

Bonus: This book includes real stories of the author’s amazing experiences from their own education growing up through school and from her family.

Why Teaching? by Dr. Jen Mott